Practice on Direct Order of Russia’s Nuclear Forces President Putin

Practice on Direct Order of Russia’s Nuclear Forces President Putin
13 Oct

Russia’s Nuclear Forces practiced the direct order of President Putin.

Russia’s Nuclear Forces conducted a massive military exercise in the country’s water body on the direct order of President Putin, in which extensive exercises were conducted under nuclear attack and defense scenario.

Russia’s Ministry of Defense has released a statement issued on Thursday: “This practice of Strategic Nuclear Forces took place on October 11, on the orders of President and Supreme Commander-in-Chief Vladimir Putin, in this war practice. Ballistic missiles were fired from the submarines, whose goal was to test the strength of this force during the crisis.

This exercise included long-range aircraft, from which several types of meshes and shells were fired, including cruise mesile capable of carrying nuclear warheads.

This practice took place in Russia between 12 and 17 September immediately after the practice of East -2018, in which tests of 300,000 soldiers, thousands of vehicles, fighter jets, warfare warfare were tested.

Russia’s Defense Minister had given this military exercise the largest military exercise after the Cold War.

NATO military alliance condemned the recent military action of Russia, calling it a “major collision” practice.

It is in such a situation that US-led military alliance Neto often exercises military training near the western borders of Russia and collecting special forces and modern military equipment in the Baltic countries Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

This coalition is preparing military exercises with Georgia in March 2019.

Russia said on Wednesday that it will make every possible effort to protect its borders.

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