Iraq announces closure of Syrian-Iraq border

Iraq announces closure of Syrian-Iraq border
14 Oct

The Iraqi army has announced to close the Syrian border.

According to the Taseem News Agency report, the Iraqi army has launched a special military campaign aimed at eliminating the growing activities of the terrorists on the border with Syria. In Baghdad, defense sources have said that members of the active terrorist groups active in Syria are constantly trying to infiltrate Iraq’s borders. According to defense sources, a large number of soldiers have been deployed in two kilometers from the Iraq-Syria border to “Akkma” to “Safakak”.

The Iraqi army has closed all the border routes in the area and has completely banned all kinds of movement. According to the report, Iraq’s Air Force has also joined the campaign in view of the security of Iraq-Syrian border. Meanwhile, the Iraqi army has also set up a special command center to coordinate between the Army and the Air Force.

On the other hand, the information is being received that Iraq’s intelligence agency detected him in control of the ‘Dynasty’ area of ​​the Al-Anbar province, after detecting the intelligence of the dynasty’s terrorist, where he had recovered large amounts of weapons.

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