Trump, who has faced more than 20 sexual assault charges, made fun of ‘Me Too’

Trump, who has faced more than 20 sexual assault charges, made fun of ‘Me Too’
14 Oct

WASHINGTON: US President Donald Trump, making fun of the ongoing ‘Me To’ campaign against sexual harassment, said that due to the rules being imposed by the press under the campaign, he has to control himself. Trump, pointing to ‘The Girl That Gate Away’ idiom, during a rally in mid-term elections in Pennsylvania, said, “There is a phrase, but according to the rules of ‘I-Two’, let me now use that idiom Not allowed. I can not do that.”
‘The Girl That Got Away’ idiom is used for a person who had ever loved you and then left you and went away. But you still love that person and remember him. Pointing to the media, Trump said that for everyone else except the media, he will use the ‘old and original’ idiom. He said, “I will use it for the rest except for those who are present there.” Those people will say, you heard what President Trump said? Did you hear what they said? ‘
You may be surprised to know but at least 23 women have been charged with sexual abuse by US President Trump between 1978 and 2013. At the same time, just before voting during the Presidential election in 2016, an old radio interview of Trump appeared, in which he told the person who interviewed the interviewer while boasting about holding a woman from his private parts.
At the same time, a woman who had studied in High School with him against Brett Kavnag, who nominated a person to be made a judge of the Supreme Court, came forward and accused Youh Hansa of being involved. Despite this, its trumpets remained tight and the cavanag was made by the judge of the Supreme Court. After such things, I have been questioned by the fact that the world’s first world to be seen as a way to make the joke by them.

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