Like Qatar, Kuwait is also calling the Ottoman army? Small neighbors are afraid of Saudi Arabia?

Like Qatar, Kuwait is also calling the Ottoman army? Small neighbors are afraid of Saudi Arabia?
15 Oct

There has been a statement from the Kuwait government that this idea has become even stronger that its tension with Saudi Arabia has increased significantly.

Kuwait’s official statement said that in the fifth meeting of the Turkish Kuwait Strategic Cooperation Committee, the roadmap of joint strategic cooperation for the year 2019 between the two army officers was signed, which aims to strengthen mutual strategic cooperation.

The Kuwaiti news agency who has reported this agreement has also said that the Kuwaiti Deputy Chief of Army Staff and their Ottoman counterpart General Imt Yaldir signed the agreement, under this agreement, exchanges of military experiences will be exchanged. No further details were given about this.

Kuwait’s sources say that the possibility that the Ottoman army will be deployed in Kuwait and buy weapons from Kuwait Turkey is as a tactical agreement between Qatar and Turkey and under this agreement Turkish Timed out when Saudi Arabia, Amaranth, Bahrain and Egypt boycotted and blocked the blockade. Even so, Turkey was told that in this way, Qatar was rescued from military attack. It was said by the ruler of Kuwait, Sheikh Sabah al-Ahmad Aljabir that the threat of war was postponed due to his country’s mediation.

At present, 35,000 troops of Turkish are deployed in Qatar who are equipped with heavy weapons. Turkey has played a very effective role in protecting Qatar from the devastating effects of blockade. In return, Qatar did this, that when a financial crisis struck Turkey, then invested 15 billion dollars to handle Turkey’s currency and Turkey’s lira became somewhat confined.

Earlier in the Turkish city of Antalya in the meeting of the parliamentary councilors of the Eurasian countries, Kuwait’s parliament chairmaker Marzouk Ghanim said that Turkey is not a republic, it will emerge victorious from the current economic war.

This statement of the first parliamentary speaker and now the strategic agreement between the two countries is important.

The first thing is that the agreement has happened at a time when Saudi Arab and Turkish relations are very bad due to the disappearance of Saudi journalist Jamal Khushiqi. The second thing is that Turkey and Kuwait are coming closer to each other in a time when the Prince of Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman’s trip to Kuwait completely failed. This journey ended in two hours instead of two days.

The third thing is that Saudi prince Khalid bin Abdullah bin Fasal bin came to Turkey, and tweeted, “It is like a Yemen that Kuwait should also have a resolution that needs to be internally.”

It seems that the countries involved in the FAR Gulf Cooperation Council have been completely divided. On one side are Saudi Arabia, Amaranth and Bahrain, on the other hand, Kuwait, Oman and Qatar are on the other side. Similarly, like Qatar and now Kuwait also has become close to Turkey.


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