America will not allow gold and copper to be handed over to America: Fazal Hadi

America will not allow gold and copper to be handed over to America: Fazal Hadi
16 Oct

The President of Afghanistan has opposed this decision of the Kabul government that the mining of the mines of this country can be given to America.

Fazal Hadi Muslimiyar has strongly opposed the agreement between Afghanistan and the United States, on the basis of which excavation of gold and copper mines in Afghanistan has been given to America. He said that the people of Afghanistan are the owners of resources and natural resources found within the country; without informing them, without any kind of agreement, it is not acceptable.

According to the Tasneem News Agency, Afghanistan’s mining minister Nargis Nehan has made an agreement with US and UK companies secretly in Washington on the basis of which, this country will work in mining in gold and copper mines in Afghanistan.

The Speaker of the Parliament of Afghanistan has given a clarification in relation to this by expressing his reaction to the Government of Ashraf Ghani. He said that the government should tell the whole thing to the public about this. Fazal Hadi Muslimiyar said that after the parliamentary elections of Afghanistan, on October 20, the officials of the mining ministry have been called in for clarification in Parliament.

On the other hand, there is resentment in the people of Afghanistan when handing over gold and copper mining mines of Afghanistan to American and UK companies.

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