Army drones and artillery attacks on Yemen, Saudi Agent’s bases

Army drones and artillery attacks on Yemen, Saudi Agent’s bases
17 Oct

A joint operation carried out by the Dron and the Tatvaniya unit of the Yammy Army and self-defense forces, proceeded on the targets of Saudi invaders in the suburb of western coast, in which a large number of agents were killed and injured.

According to the Alamsera TV channel report, the engineering unit of the Yemeni Army and self-defense forces blamed a Saudi coalition vehicle with a bomb in the western Tahiti area, killing several agents.

Similarly, the Yemeni army and self-defense forces have stopped the progress of the Saudi alliance agents in the west of the western heath.

The same naval army and self-defense forces attacked the targets of Saudi agents located at a distance of 16 kilometers west of the western coast, where many Saudi agents were killed and injured.

Since 13th of June, Saudi Arabia has started attempting to cultivate the al-Hudayda port of Yemen because this port is the only way to transport food and drug to Yemen.

Due to the siege and attacks of Saudi Arabia, human tragedy has been created in Yemen and the number of people who suffer from malnutrition and hunger is constantly increasing.

Udi Arab has held a landlord, aerial and seamless blockade with the attack on Yemen since March 26.

So far 14,000 Yemeni civilians were killed, tens of thousands of injured and ten million people were displaced in the attacks of Saudi Arabia on Yemen.

In the result of encroachment of Saudi Arabia, Yemen faces severe crisis of food and medicines.

Despite the massive attack on Saudi Arabia and its constituency, Yemeni has not been able to target its target due to the resistance of the people.

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