Putin: America’s policy of banning Iran is a big mistake

Putin: America’s policy of banning Iran is a big mistake
20 Oct

The President of Russia has pointed out Iran’s full adherence to the nuclear deal, saying that America’s policy of banning Iran is a big mistake.

Vladimir Putin said in the Walde meeting to be held in the list of Russia’s cities, that European countries also believe that Iran has not violated the nuclear deal, on this basis the policy of the United States against the country is a major mistake, which As a repository of foreign currency in the world, Daler will end up believing. While referring to the fact that many countries are thinking of the use of other countries rather than Daler, mentioning that the European countries want to do business with Iran and Russia is also in trade with Iran and other countries. The use of money is increasing on the way.


Vladimir Putin criticized America’s unilateral actions in the Middle East, saying that America’s actions against Iran are not helpful in tackling terrorism and solving the problems of the Middle East, but the problems of the region are increasing only with them. Pointing to the opposition to the presence of Iran in Syria by the United States, he said that Iran and Syria are independent countries and Iran is out of responsibility for Russia to prepare to leave Syria.

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