Jordan: Jordan demanded to return two of its territory to Israel, irregularities in Israel

Jordan: Jordan demanded to return two of its territory to Israel, irregularities in Israel
23 Oct

The ruler of Jordan, Abdullah II, has demanded that the border areas of the country be returned from Israel.

Abdullah II of Jordan has said that Israel has been informed that Amman will not extend the lease period for its two border areas. He emphasized that his country has the resolve to withdraw both the territories under the peace accord in 1994.

These two terrains are known as Bakura and Guumar. There is a border area of ​​6 sq km in the northern Irbid province of Badura, Jordan, which is located south of the coastal lake located north of the over-captured Palestinian area. Similarly, Guum, also called Zoofer, is the second frontier area spread over an area of ​​4 square kilometers in the southern province of Aqaba, Jordan. It is located in the south of Dead Sea.

According to the Peace Treaty between Jordan and Israel on 26 October 1994, these two frontier areas were leased to Israel for 25 years. According to this agreement, the lease itself will move forward again, but that none of the two parties should notice the termination of this agreement a year ago.

According to news agency Petra, the ruler of Jordan said on Sunday: “We have informed Israel that the peace agreement related to Bakura and Guomar is about to end.”

The ruler Abdullah said that oil aviva was informed on Sunday from Amman’s decision that the two border areas were from Jordan and would be part of this Arab country.

This agreement will end on Thursday.


In an attempt to negotiate with Israel Jordan

Zionist Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in his statement on Sunday that Amman wants to end Lease, but Tel Aviv will negotiate with him so that the current system may continue.

He said that there is no doubt that the bilateral agreement is a major asset.
In this no-date picture, the bridge of old train is visible on the banks of the Baduura on the Jordan River.
It is understood that the ruler of Jordan is under pressure from this country’s parliament that he should not extend the lease period of both the terrains and submit them to the sovereignty of Jordan altogether. 87 legislators of Jordan have signed the petition on this national issue.

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