Supreme Court’s decision, only two hours can be run on Diwali, low pollution crackers

Supreme Court’s decision, only two hours can be run on Diwali, low pollution crackers
23 Oct

New Delhi: Before Diwali, the Supreme Court has given a major decision on production, sale and burning of firecrackers. The court did not stop the sale, production and burning of firecrackers but strict conditions have been set. The Supreme Court while announcing the decision said that green crackers (low-pollution crackers) should be allowed to be made. Only the license holder is sold. The Supreme Court has also banned the sale of online firecrackers. The court has also set the time for burning firecrackers. Fireworks can be lit from 8 pm to 10 pm, can run fireworks from 11:55 am to 12:15 am on New Year and Christmas.
The court ordered the administration all over the country to ensure that the detection of harmful chemicals should not be used in the factory to make crackers continuously. The Court made it clear that these orders would not apply to any religious and social festival only on Diwali. On August 28, Justice AK Sikri and Justice Ashok Bhushan reserved the judgment after completion of the argument.
The Center is against the prohibition against selling of pottery. During the hearing, the Central Government had asked the Supreme Court to make rules about the production of firecrackers. It would be right to stop the use of materials like aluminum and barium in firecrackers. Simultaneously, Tamil Nadu’s cracker vendors had said that last year the court had banned the sale of any concrete research, thereby affecting the employment of many people.
The court last year banned the sale of fireworks in Delhi-NCR on Diwali. The petitioner is demanding to apply it in the whole country. The central government has said that the sale of firecrackers is better than preventing them, making rules about their production.
Last year the Delhi NCR was imposed
Last year, the Supreme Court had ordered the sale of firecrackers in Delhi-NCR with conditions in September. But later in October, there was a ban on sale while delivering an order again. While deciding the verdict, the Supreme Court had said that they want to see it with stopping whether it reduces pollution levels.

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