CBI Vs CBI: Rahul Gandhi linked Batwal to Rafael, government bid

CBI Vs CBI: Rahul Gandhi linked Batwal to Rafael, government bid
25 Oct

New Delhi: The nation’s biggest investigating agency, CBI, has started a stir throughout the day yesterday ie tomorrow. After serious allegations of corruption against each other, the government came into action. Alok Verma and Rakesh Asthana were sent on leave, Joint Director M Nagendra Rao was made the interim director of CBI. At the same time Congress President Rahul Gandhi added Rafael Deal to the whole matter. Rahul Gandhi says that Alok Verma soon wanted to start investigating the case of Rafael, that’s why the government removed him in the funeral.
Alok Verma reached Sc against the government’s decision
Against sending on leave, former director Alok Verma filed a petition in the Supreme Court against the government’s decision. Alok Verma argues that CBI director can not be removed from the post before 2 years. Before the premature withdrawal, the PM, the Leader of the Opposition and the CJI Committee decide. Alok Verma has ruled the government’s violation 14, 19 and 21 of the Fundamental Rights. The Supreme Court will hear tomorrow on the petition of Alok Verma
What did Rahul Gandhi say?
Congress President Rahul Gandhi has directly attacked the government and Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the CBI crisis in Jhalawar in Rajasthan. Rahul Gandhi said that the CBI director had asked for Rafael’s papers. The prime minister removed the CBI director last night. According to Rahul Gandhi, the CBI was raising questions on Rafael.
What did the government give on the whole issue?
Arun Jaitley said that CBI is the premier investigating agency of the country. It is necessary to maintain his dignity. It is mandatory for the CBI to maintain institutional dignity and take steps in this direction. Jaitley is a nonsense for the allegations of Opposition parties for the discharge of Alok Verma because of Raphael Deal’s investigation. He said, “Do two officers who are facing the investigation should get themselves investigated? The allegations of the Opposition are bullshit. “Jaitley further said that if the opposition supports any official, it will also damage the image of the officer. If questions arise on the CBI, then the advantage will be to the scamsters.
Prashant Bhushan also told Rafael issues
Senior advocate Prashant Bhushan gave a big statement to the CBI over the incident. Prashant Bhushan combined the Rampal deal with the RAFEL deal in the CBI. Prashant Bhushan said – The entire exercise is being done by the government to save Rakesh Asthana. We think that maybe this is happening to save our allegations on Raphael from CBI investigation.
Prashant Bhushan said, “The government took out the order late night and removed Alok Verma and Rakesh Asthana and made M Nageshwar Rao an acting director. Knowing that they have already got serious allegations. Seeing all this, we have decided that we will petition in the Supreme Court against this. We have also come to know that Alok Verma himself has raised this whole case in front of the Supreme Court, which will be heard on the day of Paras. ”
A dozen officers transferred, new team to investigate
Meanwhile, a dozen big officials were transferred to the CBI. A new investigation team has been removed by removing all officials of the probe committee of Rakesh Asthana. The government says that it has been done on the recommendation of the CVC.
Among the transferred officials is the CBI DSP Ajay Bassi, who was investigating the case registered against Rakesh Asthana. The CBI has transferred the DIG Ashish Kumar Sinha, DIG Tarun Goba, DIG Jasbir Singh, DIG Ashish Prasad, DIG KR Chaurasia, Hob Ram Gopal and SP Satish Dagar.
DSP AK Bassi has been transferred to ACB Port Blair and Additional SP SS Ghum has been transferred as ACB Jabalpur. Among the officials who have been transferred by the CBI are Joint Director Personal Arun Kumar Sharma, Murgessen, A Sai Manohar and Amit Kumar. A Sai Manohar has been brought from Chandigarh to Delhi.
What is the whole matter of internal strife of the CBI?
CBI has filed a lawsuit against the four persons, including CBI’s present Special Director Rakesh Asthana, for taking bribe. The CBI raided its own DSP Devendra Kumar in this case and recovered eight mobile phones. DSP Devendra Kumar was arrested, he is currently on remand.
In the FIR filed by the CBI in this case, Special Director Rakesh Asthana, who is the CBI’s No. 2 officer, In the case of famous businessman Moin Qureshi, a man named Satish Sana was accused of taking a bribe of Rs two crores. The CBI also said in its FIR that the bribery scandal has been linked from Delhi to Dubai.
Special director of CBI Rakesh Asthana also reversed the FIR and said that the case against him has been filed under a conspiracy conspiracy. According to Asthana, he himself has given the list of allegations of corruption to Alok Verma in the Prime Minister’s Office and central observer who has given charge in the month of August. It was also alleged that the bribe of Rs two crore rupees was not taken by CBI director Alok Verma.

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