Signing a document related to transit agreement between Iran, India and Afghanistan

Signing a document related to transit agreement between Iran, India and Afghanistan
25 Oct

India’s Foreign Ministry has said that Tehran meeting marks the resolve of New Delhi government to speed up the Chabahar project.

The Indian Foreign Ministry issued a statement on Tuesday evening and said that India gives special importance to the Chabahar port project and it is increasing in the direction of speeding forward.

Be aware that the implementation of the transit agreement between Iran, India and Afghanistan on Tuesday evening in Tehran was signed. This document was signed by Tehran, Executive Secretary of Iran’s Port and shipping company, Muhammad Rasid, Secretary of Economic Relations in the Indian Foreign Ministry, TS Trimurthy and the Transport Minister of Afghanistan Imamuddin Muhammad Varyamach.

The development of versatile transport, the simplification of transit in the region, the establishment of transit transport union in the region and improvement in the respective laws, are important points of this agreement of the three countries.

The three countries have emphasized in this document that the presence of private sector will be expanded to facilitate transit and trade in order to expand into multilateral relations between the three countries.
It has been agreed that a working committee will be formed in which representatives from all three countries will be included and their first meeting will be held in Chabahar port two months later.

Chabahar port is an important project in Iran, India and Afghanistan. The Transport Ministers of the three countries had signed the Transit Agreement in May 2016 in the presence of the heads of the three countries in Tehran.

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