Putin has given the European countries the biggest threat

Putin has given the European countries the biggest threat
27 Oct

Russian President Vladimir Putin has given unprecedented threat to the European countries.

Vladimir Putin has said that if a European country permits its US missile to be installed, then Moscow will be forced to attack it.

Putin said this threat, in a joint press conference in Moscow with the Italian Prime Minister.

Putin regrets Trump’s decision to leave the agreement on missile power between Russia and the United States, while expressing regret over the fact that it will start the new arms race in the world.

He said that this decision of Trump has created a threat to the European components of the United States.

Russian President Vladimir Puthi said that as far as Europe is concerned, if America comes out of the agreement, then what will Europe do? If the US missile spreads across Europe, then we will also be forced to respond. Therefore, the European countries preparing to put American missiles on their land should think well that they will have to face counter-response from us and that There is a straight and clear matter.

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