McRae and Merkel raised demand for the ban against Saudi Arabia

McRae and Merkel raised demand for the ban against Saudi Arabia
28 Oct

French President Amniel MacRill and German Chancellor Angela Merkel have endorsed the Istanbul Meeting held to ban the Saudi Arabia against Europe.

According to the report of the France Press, French President Amanuel Macrun and Charman Chancellor Angela Merkel on Saturday agreed to coordinate the policies of Europe about the ban against Riyaz in the bilateral visit before the Istanbul bilateral meeting and killing Jamal Khashukhji Supported the ban on Saudi Arabia.

Many European countries, including Austria and Germany, have endorsed the fact that if it becomes clear that Saudi Arabia is involved in the murder of critics of journalist Jamal Khashukhji, then there should be a ban against him.

Saudi officials have officially accepted that the death of journalist Jamal Khashukhji has died since October 2. In the statement of Riyaz Sarkar, in the statement that a dozen Saudi officials were killed in the counseling building in Istanbul, Jamal Khushiqi’s fight took place during which Khashukiji was killed. During the interaction between Khushiqis and the officials, the handball started and Khashukiji died.

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