Ram temple: Shiv Sena, Farooq Abdullah Boley-Ram or Allah will not vote in support of Rakesh Sinha

Ram temple: Shiv Sena, Farooq Abdullah Boley-Ram or Allah will not vote in support of Rakesh Sinha
01 Nov

New Delhi: BJP MP Rakesh Sinha will bring private member bills to Parliament to clear the way for the construction of the Ram temple. After the trial of the Ayodhya case was heard in the Supreme Court, there was a demand that the government should clear the way to make the temple by making laws. After the talk of Rakesh Sinha’s private member bill, a period of reactions has begun. Shiv Sena has openly supported Rakesh Sinha’s proposal.
At the same time Congress leader Pawan Khera said that when the government is theirs then why are they making fools by talking about private member bills? BJP MP Sakshi Maharaj has welcomed Rakesh Sinha’s proposal. Sakshi Maharaj has said that this will identify the real-fake Ramabhakta and Shishabhakt in the Parliament. National Conference leader Farooq Abdullah said that the people of Ram or Allah will vote.
Please tell me anything for Ram temple, please tell me: Shiv Sena
“Shiv Sena has endorsed Rakesh Sinha’s proposal. Shiv Sena MP Sanjay Raut tweeted, ‘Please accept the bill, we will support you. Please do anything for Ram temple but please, tell the date of construction of Ram temple. Jai Shree Ram”
No Ram Na Allah will vote in 2019: Farooq Abdullah
Former Jammu and Kashmir CM and Faruq Abdullah, the leader of the National Conference, said, “BJP feels that Ram will win the election in 2019. God will not help in winning their election. No Ram will vote nor Allah will vote, the people will vote. ”
Why are the private members stuck in the name of Bill? – Congress
Congress leader Pawan Kheda said, “Do not do politics of fooling, the Ayodhya Act 1994 is already there, which bill? How can you come? Either this is the politics of fooling or the history is not known. Tell Rakesh Sinha why are people talking about the private members bill making people stupid? When the government is theirs, then the private member bills of Kah
Pawan Khera said, “When they can not answer on any work of development then what are they all doing? Answer that when the Ayodhya Act was formed in 1994, Shankar Dayal Sharma made the announcement and when the Congress Home Minister came to the bill then why did BJP president Sundar Singh Bhandari oppose the bill?
Real and fake Ramabhakt know about: Sakshi Maharaj
BJP MP Sakshi Maharaj said, “Now the hope of building a Ram temple is by just two mediums, either ordinance or land acquisition. The Supreme Court gave the time till January. That can not be expected because the delayed justice is not less than injustice. ”
Sakshi Maharaj said, “If Rakesh Sinha brings the bill, I thank him very much. It will come to know in Parliament that those who are roaming and being devotees of Shiva are either real or fake. If Rahul Gandhi is a real devotee and a Rambhakta, then he will give support if he is fake. “

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