Against the refugees, then stiffened trump

Against the refugees, then stiffened trump
03 Nov

US President Donald Trump has adopted a tough stand on the refugees.

Donald Trump has said that illegal migrants trying to enter the US will now be caught on the border. Trump said that the captured migrants will not be released.

According to Aaj Tak, hold on for illegal refugees and releasing the release, releasing a significant change in the policy, Trump said on Thursday that the US court will only release him after hearing the verdict on his asylum application. He said that refugees will be sent to their native country if the decision does not come in favor of them. Before the midterm elections in the US, this speech has been given about the policy when it is estimated that between three thousand and seven thousand al-Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala, the three Latin American countries will have a refugee’s convoy towards the United States. Is growing. Trump has deployed the army on the south-west border to stop them.

Trump said that at this time a large convoy of refugees is heading towards our southern border. Trump said that if the convoy, moving towards the US, sacks stones on the soldiers then the army can fire them. Trump said that we are not going to release him in our country anymore. They have to wait a long time. We are turning big cities into the camp and the army is helping us in a wonderful way.

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