Afghanistan:Taleban control over most areas of Afghanistan

Afghanistan:Taleban control over most areas of Afghanistan
04 Nov

The American Wacht Dog Agency says that the Afghan government, supported by the American government, has lost most of the territory to the Taleban, whereas there is a record increase in the number of deaths of security forces in the war.

According to the report of Alzazira Net, for the reconstruction of Afghanistan, in the quarterly report of the Special Isper General General highlighted heavy pressure in front of the Kabul government, during which time the United States has contacted Taleban for initial talks.

According to the report, in this three months there was a fierce assault for occupation of various districts, people and areas of Afghanistan. It has been reported that in the current year the western provinces of the Taleban country failed to get complete control over the districts of Farah and Ghazni, but they made tremendous progress in other areas of the country.

According to the Wach Dag Agency, NATO’s Resolt Support Mission figures for Afghanistan show that the government army has failed to keep its influence on most districts and citizens in the country during this quarter.

It has been reported in the report that in September, the impact of the government on 65% was strong, which was stronger than October 2017 and it was followed by Farah and Ghazni after a fight for one year in Fariab and Baglan.

It has also been reported in the report that 55.5 percent of the 407 districts of Afghanistan are under the control of the government or there is a government’s influence, which is the lowest since 2015.

Be aware that in the report it is revealed that such figures are indicative of the country’s wretched security system 6 months before the presidential election, despite this, the special envoy of America, Zalmi Khalilzade, has been appointed as the Taliban leader for peace talks. Has negotiated.

In the report submitted by NATO Resolt Support Mission, it has been reported that during the first week of October, during the same period, there has been an increase in the casualties of Afghan security forces during the same period.

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