World, America will see fall in right sense: commander Jafri

World, America will see fall in right sense: commander Jafri
05 Nov

The senior commander general of the IRGC, Muhammad Ali Jaffari, described the day of the 13th anniversary as a sign of the struggle of the Iranian people against world imperialism and stressed that the world will see America’s fall in the true sense.

Major General Muhammad Ali Jafari, on Sunday, indicated the program of 13 tributes in Tehran to the US sanctions against Iran, saying that the failure of US sanctions against Iran has shown that the demise of US officials is declining. is.

While making this statement, the forty-year history of the Islamic Revolution speaks of the continuous defeat of the United States in Iran and region, said that due to the resistance and persecution of the Iranian people, America will also be defeated by Iran in the economic war.

The commander of the IRGC stressed that if the Iranian people did not have anti-imperial proceedings on November 4, 1979, then there would be no such incidents of anti-imperialism, anti-independence struggle against the United States and the supremacist system in the world.

In the history of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Terah Aaban has witnessed three important incidents. 13 Aaban 1343 Hizir Shamsi was removed from Turkey and the country by Imam Khumani, 13 Aaban 1357 Hijri Shamsi was killed by the royal government, and the thirteen ambassadors of Iran’s revolutionary students have become the hub of espionage to the US Embassy. Had taken control.

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