Bahrain, Alwefak party general secretary sentenced to life imprisonment

Bahrain, Alwefak party general secretary sentenced to life imprisonment
05 Nov

A Bahrain court has sentenced Alwefak party general secretary Shaikh Ali Salman to life imprisonment.

According to a report by the Fars News Agency, the appeals court hearing for the sentence of Alweifaq Party General Secretary Shaikh Ali Salman and two former MPs of this party, was adjourned for the fourth time by canceling the petition of the General Secretary and two former MPs of Alweifaq party, Sentenced to prison

Bahrain’s al Qa’lifa regime had arrested Alwefak’s general secretary and two former MPs of this faction, with unfounded allegations of espionage and so far the government has not presented any evidence to prove the allegations against these leaders.

Bahrain’s Shiite leader Shaikh Ali Salman was arrested in 2014 and sentenced to four years in July in a proceeding proceeding in Bahrain, but the appeals court had sentenced him to 9 years in jail for changing the system. .

Exhibitions against the royal government from Bahrain on February 14, 2011 Bahraini people are continuously demonstrating the formation of elected government in the country, establishment of justice and termination of discrimination.

In the beginning of the year 2010 and in the beginning of 2011 when the revolution in the Arab world began to come against revolutionary governments of the tyrannical, dictatorships and big powers, the people of Bahrain, who have been deprived of their original democratic rights over the years, voted on February 14, 2011 The caliph’s caliph stood up against the rule. On that day, the revolutionaries of Bahrain gave the name of Arochha Din and started performing on the streets.

Like other Arab countries, Bahrain’s mass mobilization has also started through social media campaigns and youth. On February 14, 2011, the main performance took place on the Pearl Square of the capital Manama, in which the dictatorship was later destroyed by the dictatorship to prevent the building of a memorial of revolution.

The people of Bahrain had also chosen to select their date of February 14 for their movement. The Constitution of Bahrain was passed on this day in 2002.

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