Iran is not a fearful country: Muslim American religious leader

Iran is not a fearful country: Muslim American religious leader
06 Nov

America’s Muslim religious leader and chief of the Umtemate Islamist movement, Louise Fara Khan, said that America was never a democratic country, but it always supported the capitalists and powerful classes.

American religious Muslim leader Louise Fra Khan said at a round table conference at the Political Science Faculty of Tehran, that in the time of President Donald Trump, the United States is losing its dominance over the world at this time.

Referring to the freedom that women receive in Iran, the Islamic Republic said that women in Iran have got this freedom at a time when women are seen as men’s toys and objects of entertainment in America and Europe and They are exploited.

Lewis Fara Khan, referring to the fact that the Iranian people should continue to try to reach the world as the best nation, saying that the US only promises to cheat, but in response to Irani The public should be united and within the country.

Lewis Fra Khan, leader of the United States Ummtai Islamic Movement, mentions that Washington only seeks to create differences among Muslims, saying that the reason for America’s silence on the brutal attacks of some Arab countries in Yemen, The countries have to sell billions of dollars of weapons and make relations with these Arab countries better and better.

They said that the United States and Israel are the most fearful Islamic Republic of Iran today because they know that Iran is not going to retreat if the war against Iran.

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