Iran condemns Shaikh Ali Salman’s life sentence

Iran condemns Shaikh Ali Salman’s life sentence
06 Nov

Iran has condemned the death sentence for opposition leader in Bahrain.

Iran has demanded to improve its inhuman attitude from this country of Fars Bay, condemning the sentence of life imprisonment to the famous religious leader and opposition leader Shaikh Ali Salman by the appeals court in Bahrain on Sunday.

External Affairs Ministry spokesman Bahram Qassemi said on Sunday: This decision has left no doubt in the minds of the people and the international community that the Bahraini government should increase the oppressive action rather than improving the situation and to make the situation worse Intends to

He said that Shaikh Salman believes in a centrist and peaceful style and avoids violence.

Baharama Qassemi said that instead of relying on other countries and adopting harsh treatment, the Bahraini government should fulfill the legitimate demands of Halu and Bahraini people through actual negotiation with the opposition parties that have generated themselves in this country.

A spokesman for the Iranian Foreign Ministry stressed the Bahraini regime that it should improve its inhuman treatment and end the public ban.

Earlier on Sunday, the Appeal Court in Bahrain rejected the appeal of the 52-year-old opposition leader and the dissolution of the Alawfak Party General Secretary Shaikh Ali Salman and his two accomplices Hasan Sultan and Ali Al-Asad, and to demolish Bahraini rule over them. For the sake of plotting conspiracy with Qatar.

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