President Trump’s party shocks in mid-term elections in USA

President Trump’s party shocks in mid-term elections in USA
07 Nov

Apart from 435 seats in the House of Representatives and one-third of the Senate seats in the United States, elections were held on the seats of several governors and provincial assemblies.

In this election the Democratic Party has acquired a majority in the House of Representatives, while the Republican Party’s majority in the Senate is expected.

The American media say that it was the most expensive mid-term elections in the modern history of America, in which the whole nation was divided into two parts, but the Democratic Party did not get an open victory on its opponent party than it was expected of the Democratic Party.

The Democratic Party gets a majority in the House of Representative means that for eight years, the Republican Party has ended in the House and President Donald Trump has made it very difficult to do arbitrariness now.

Donald Trump did a tremendous campaign for his party candidates to avoid this situation, and in one day many election rallies in many states. They addressed three meetings in three states on the last day. Trump said that the successes we have achieved over the last two years are all engaged on the claim.

Former President Barack Obama was in the ground for Democrats. While addressing a rally, he said that the role of the United States in this election is at stake.

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