Broad performance in support of Bahrain, Shaikh Salman

Broad performance in support of Bahrain, Shaikh Salman
07 Nov

The Bahraini people expressed their sympathy with the head of Alweifaq Shaikh Ali Salman, performing in various cities of the country and condemned the decision of the Khalifa government’s showy court against them.

The Bahawani’s Khalifa government’s showy court has sentenced the country’s biggest opposition party Alvehak’s general secretary Shaikh Ali Salman and two former MPs Shaikh Hassan Sultan and Ali Al-Awsad to life imprisonment by making unfounded allegations of spying for Qatar.

Against this illegal legal decision of the Exemptional Court of the Caliphate, Bahraini protested in different cities and towns and villages and condemned the court’s verdict in stern words.

The biggest demonstration happened near the residence of Shaikh Ali Salman in Beladul Qadim where protesters raised the photos of Shaikh Ali Salman in his hands and shouted slogans in support of him and condemned the court verdict.

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