Switzerland opposes anti-American sanctions

Switzerland opposes anti-American sanctions
07 Nov

The head of the Confederations of Switzerland has opposed the nuclear deal and opposed the re-enforcement of the US sanctions against Iran.

According to Shenhuya’s report, the head of Confederations of Switzerland, Allan Batest, speaking to reporters on Tuesday said that the path ahead will be even more difficult for the sanctions against Iran. He said that Switzerland supports the nuclear agreement.

Pointing to the presence of his country in the International Atomic Energy Agency in early 2018, he said that the message of this organization is that Iran has implemented this agreement in real terms.

The head of Confederations of Switzerland stressed that the nuclear agreement with Iran is very beneficial. He said that this agreement should remain the same and all parties involved in it should be implemented.

Only eight countries have given exemption for limited time from the restrictions imposed by the United States on Iran. In future, it may be possible to target Swift Systems and European companies who want to continue cooperating with Iran’s market.

Iran has registered its objection to this order of the United States and said that the response to Trump’s action will be answered. European countries have announced the creation of new mechanisms for financial support from Iran, so that other countries can also benefit from it. Iran’s small companies can work with Iran, who are capable of protecting themselves from US sanctions.

These companies do their financial transactions in the Euro instead of the dollar. These types of companies have been active since the 1990s, which further strengthen Europe’s business with Cuba.

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