Israel threatens to destroy Russian Mezail system S-300 in Syria

Israel threatens to destroy Russian Mezail system S-300 in Syria
08 Nov

Israel, which has overtaken the Golan Heights area of ​​Syria, has threatened to destroy the Russian system’s S-300 in Syria in Russia.

The Zionist regime has threatened that if we were targeted from Si-300 Meizail system from Syria, the Fighter jet of oil avi, then we would destroy it.

Environmental Defense Minister Xieg Elkin of Zaynie’s regime on Monday said in a press conference from the Russian media that the supply of the S-300 Meizal system to Damascus on behalf of Moscow was a big mistake, and the situation could be unstable.

They then questioned the ability of the Syrian army to run the S-300 system.

Elkin said: “The Syrian army will not always allow this hardware to be given to him and if civilian aircraft can not be executed properly, then the civilian aircraft can be harmed.”

He further said that Israel will take practical steps in response to the alleged attacks on Syria and Russia will also be responsible for this system used by Syria.

It is worth mentioning that in 2010, Russia had signed an agreement to sell S-300 Meezail system to Syria. In September 2018, Russia decided to give the S-300 media system to strengthen Syria’s air defense system.

Russia decided on the fall of the Russian reconnaissance plane due to the fall of the Syrian army’s response to the S-200 Meezail system by the Syrian army in an attack on the national institutions in the state of Lazeekia, Syria. Russia’s 15 executives were killed by the fall of this reconnaissance plane. Russia has blamed Israel for the incident.

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