50 European lawmakers demand immediate Yemen war

50 European lawmakers demand immediate Yemen war
09 Nov

Due to the war on Saudi Arabia by the Arabs invaded Yemen, the situation of this poor country is going to be catastrophic and in this regard, 50 European MPs have demanded that the war of Yemen should be terminated immediately.

According to the report, fifty MPs of European countries stressed the ceasefire immediately and started peace talks, saying that the Saudi alliance should stop the war in Yemen as soon as possible. Parliamentarians said the situation in Yemen caused the situation to create a bigger human crisis.

According to the report of the Aljazeera TV channel, more than 50 MPs of European countries, including France, Italy and Germany, have appealed to all the parties related to Yemen, emphasizing the immediate cease-fire of the Yemen war during a seminar in Paris. Except the battle field as soon as possible, sit together on the negotiation table and resolve this crisis. In this conference, under the title “Peace Establishment in Yemen,” besides non-European MPs, non-governmental organizations and anti-war representatives also participated.

A statement was also issued at the end of this conference held in connection with the Yemen war. In the statement, the whole world has been demanding that any country sells Saudi Arabia and its allied nations and factions by weapons, due to which today, Yemen is burning in the war of war. In this world-class seminar, anxiety was expressed on day-to-day situation in Yemen, and it was told directly to Saudi Arabia for this situation of Yemen.

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