America, Yemen is directly involved in war: Ansarullah

America, Yemen is directly involved in war: Ansarullah
12 Nov

The Ansarullah’s organization in Yemen has said that the United States is directly involved in the Yemen war.

Muhammad al-Bukhtati, a leader of Ansarullah, has said that Washington has announced that it has stopped sending fuel to the warriors of the Saudi Alliance, it is a demonstration because the United States, directly in the air strikes on Yemen Is included in He said that the United States, in the various cases, the latest technical and intelligence assistance of the Saudi alliance, and in the same way military assistance is continuing. The bureaucracy said that besides this, the siege of Yemen is beyond the capacity of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, and it is America who is playing a key role in this siege.


It is known that the US defense minister James Matitz recently informed that Saudi Arabia has taken the responsibility of fueling the war planes of its alliance, and the United States has welcomed it. He had said that this decision has been made after the consultation with the US government.

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