Amnesty retains his award from the list

Amnesty retains his award from the list
13 Nov

Amnesty International has withdrawn its Aangassar of Conscience Award from Ang Sons list.

Global human rights organization Amnesty International has withdrawn the Ambassador of Conscience Award from the Aung Sun List.

According to the NDTV, Amnesty International has also withdrawn the award, considering the apathy of Myanmar’s leader Ang Sunny’s list of atrocities on Rohingya Muslims. Amnesty International, a London-based global human rights organization, said that the “Ambassador of Questions Award” given to the list is being withdrawn which she gave it in 2009. This honor list was given at the time when he was under house arrest The letter written by Amnesty International chief Kumi Naidu says that we are very disappointed today that you are no longer a symbol of hope, courage and protection of human rights. Amnesty believes that the Aung Sanon list is no longer capable of holding this award. Amnesty International said that he had informed the list about his decision only on Sunday.

It should be known that before this, the award has been withdrawn from Aang San lists due to the upheaval of Rohingya Muslims.

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