Britain’s new stand on the murder of Yemen and Jamal Khushiqi

Britain’s new stand on the murder of Yemen and Jamal Khushiqi
13 Nov

The British Foreign Minister criticized the continuation of Yemen’s war and the journalist Jamal Khashukhji’s case was not clear.

British Foreign Minister Jeremy Hunt has said that the case of continuation of war in Yemen and the murder of critics of Saudi Arabian Jamal Khashukhji is still not acceptable.

According to al Jazeera, Jeremy Hunt said in a statement that London wants to cooperate with Turkey in the case of murder of Saudi Arabia Khashukhji.

Hunt said about the war of Saudi Arabia against Yemen: “The harm that is going out in Yemen is out of the statement and because of the war, tens of millions of people have been homeless in Yemen and they are facing hunger and disease outbreaks, hence the only solution to this crisis It is a political decision to stop war and establish peace. ”

This statement from Hunt has surfaced on Monday on the occasion of his visit to Saudi Arabia and UAE.

The British Foreign Minister says that he is going to Riyaz and Abu Zahbi to talk to Saudi Arabia and UAE officials in the case of the hanging of Yemeni war and the killing of Khushkuji.

The UK has been among the main supporters of Riyaz and Abu Zahib in Yemen Jung, and he has been predominantly ahead of those who supply weapons to these two countries. Saudi Arabia and the UAE started the attack on Yemen from March 2015 with the support of some western countries, including USA and UK, and kept the land, air and sea blockade of this country.

So far, more than 14000 Yemeni casualties, tens of thousands injured and tens of millions of homeless have been homeless in the attacks of Saudi Arabia and its components on Yemen.

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