Only a tea-wicker could become Prime Minister because of Nehru: Shashi Tharoor

Only a tea-wicker could become Prime Minister because of Nehru: Shashi Tharoor
14 Nov

New Delhi: Congress leader Shashi Tharoor has once again targeted PM Modi. This statement of Tharoor can be a controversy. On the occasion of the release of a book written on Nehru, Tharoor taunted the BJP who constantly questioned Nehru and said that due to the country’s first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru, today a tea chawl has become the Prime Minister.
Shashi Tharoor said, “If today a tea stall is the Prime Minister, then it was possible because Nehru shaped the country’s institutions in such a way that a common Indian could dream of sitting on the Prime Minister’s chair.”
Earlier, Tharoor also said that “our democracy is in existence because Nehru came and made it possible.” Many of the other countries’ independence became the dictator, but Nehru never did this. ”
Sonia Gandhi targets the government for the sake of the name
Presented by the book, UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi also attacked the Modi government in gestures. Sonia Gandhi said, “Four values ​​were most important for Nehru ji. These are democracy, socialism, secularism and non-alignment. Today, these values ​​are threatening. “Sonia Gandhi recalling Nehru said that Nehru ji has a big influence on life in all of us.
Tharoor has given disputed statements before
This is not the first time that Congress leader Shashi Talur has made such a statement. Even before this, Shashi Tharoor had told the PM Modi a ‘white horse riding a sword in his hand’. Not only that, in another program, Shashi Tharoor compared the PM Modi with ‘scorpion sitting on Shivling’. Shashi Tharoor had said that Modi is a person’s government and everybody is dancing on their gesture. He said that India is now the ‘most centralized Prime Minister’s Office’ of history.

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