The Taliban may have a quick deal: Afghan President

The Taliban may have a quick deal: Afghan President
14 Nov

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani has expressed hope for a quick peace agreement to end the Taleban’s rebellion in the country.

In his address, addressing video conferencing in America’s first research university, John Hopkins University, where he himself was a professor, he said that in my opinion this matter has come out of the situation of “if” and now the matter is “when” .

They said that the end of all the wars should be done by political solution, there are few such wars here, especially the 21st Century war which will end by the military route.

The Afghan President, who is keen to participate in the next election, said that he had offered an unconditional ceasefire to the Taliban in June and had warned that Pakistan’s intervention will lead to an increase in long-term animosity.

Be aware that Pakistan has released two major Taliban leaders in one day in a day, which could be part of US efforts to wage Afghanistan with nearly half the occupation group.

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