Confrontation of Trump and Macron

Confrontation of Trump and Macron
15 Nov

The French President’s speech against nationalism and unilateralism in the presence of world heads of the sixty nations, was a slap on Trump’s cheek.

Trump and McCron’s first meeting in the birth of the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I was explosive. Although both are considered to be friends, but the bitterness of this visit is felt by all. Macron is favored to keep the distance to the extent from the United States, and he has come to the conclusion with the help of German Chancellor Merkel and other European leaders that the period of cooperation between the United States and Europe is ending. On this basis, Macron talked of the formation of a European army which could defend itself against Russia, China and perhaps America. Trump, who thought that Europe would always be in the service of the United States, said in front of McCron, that he had a shock because a new rival was coming from America’s components, which he considered to be his enemy.


When Trump reached Paris, he reacted to this statement and thought that it should be cut before it was set on the bird, but in the presence of world heads of the sixty countries, Macoron’s meaningful speech and criticism of nationalism and unilateralism, But there was a strong slap on. Earlier, Merkel had also been warned by the things that led to nationalism and the cause of World War I. Macron said in clear words that people who are on the path of unilateralism rather than multilateralism, are blaming the extremist who had provoked the first and second world war fires. Incidentally, only Trump from the sixties leaders of the world did not participate in Paris’s multilateral conference, and confirmed the story of Macron and Merkel.


Trump constantly tweeted after returning from Washington to Washington, which shows his anger. In these tweets, he falsified the people of France and the President. In a tweet, he described McConnell’s proposal of formation of the European Army to be highly offensive. In another tweet, he said that France did the first and second world war? Prior to the arrival of Americans, he started learning German in Paris. In the same way, they also questioned the recognition of McRaren in a tweet. He tweeted that the problem is that Macron has a very low percentage of 26 percent recognition in France and the rate of unemployment in this country is around ten percent. Macron is in trying to change the subject. Apart from this, there is no more nationalist than France and people here are very arrogant.


The reality is that Europe is looking back much behind the US in the economic and security zones, and in order to get out of this situation, she has to try for tens of years, but she must start somewhere and the starting point is that she Understand the truth and do not rely on America as in the past. On the other hand, it is also a risk bell for the USA because it faces a powerful rivalry like China and Russia, and if in the meantime Europe also stands against it, its problems will definitely increase. The way Macron has talked about opening up Europe in power and taking the risk of annoying the most powerful President of the world, it seems that it is not their own alone, but Europe is with them. Merkel has confirmed this by supporting his proposal to form a European army with a lot of support.

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