America should come under fire in Syria: Russia

America should come under fire in Syria: Russia
18 Nov

Russia says that the US should come to the point of intervening in Syria’s case.

An official from the Russian Foreign Ministry warned the US that he was not able to intervene in the internal affairs of Syria. Yuri Tarasov has said that the Syrian government has the right to the Syrian government on the “Arrukban” camp, so the Americans should leave from there. He said that people in the “Arrukban” cantonment are living in a very miserable situation. The Russian official said that the Syrian camp is under the control of American soldiers and people are living in very bad condition. This canton is near Jordan’s border in which 50 thousand people are present at this time.

Be aware that the United States and its constituents have been involved in Syria since 2014 on the pretext of terrorism, especially against the Daiish. The so-called anti-terrorism coalition has so far killed thousands of innocent people in Syria and Iraq.

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