The attack on the Saudi Alliance, 12 injured and injured

The attack on the Saudi Alliance, 12 injured and injured
18 Nov

The warplanes of the Saudi Coalition bombarded the residential areas of Yemen’s Alhudaida province several times on Friday night.

According to our correspondent reports, at least 9 people were killed in these attacks, including three women. Three other people were also injured in these attacks. The Saudi coalition has started attacks on Yemen’s Alhudayeda port since Wednesday 13th June.

Despite the warnings of the most horrific humanitarian crisis in history of Yemen in international Yemen, the Saudi military alliance has made unprecedented increases in its attacks in the Hudadia province.

The Hudayida port located in Al-Hudadah province is considered to be the life line of Yemen; 70 percent of humanitarian aid to Yemen reaches the victims of hunger.

Saudi Arabia began a war on Yemen by pledging to end the Ansarullah movement of Yemen, although it knew well that it is impossible with a very dangerous campaign, so that the Ansarullah movement is in the history of Yemen and the society Having been a valid constituent of politics.

Never did this organization create any danger for Yemen or neighboring countries. The movement has always made meaningful partnerships on political and other forums. But Saudi Arabia is inclined to continue the war against Yemen.

On the other hand, in the case of Yemen, UN Special Envoy Martin Griffiths said this Friday, Yemen peace talks will be held in Sweden soon, that a political solution can be achieved to end the Yemen crisis. He said that the United Nations is trying to bring all the Yemeni groups to the negotiating table to resolve the crisis of the country by negotiating.

United Nations Special Envoy Martin Griffith described human condition in Yemen as tragic and said that Yemeni children and women are dying of diseases which can be treated as possible.

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