France ready to ban Saudi Arabia

France ready to ban Saudi Arabia
20 Nov

The Foreign Minister of France has announced that Paris is going to ban the killers of journalist Khashkuji.

Lowerland said on Monday that his country has decided to ban against the killers of Jamal Khashkuji. He said that France would also ban a ban on Saudi Arabia.

Earlier, the German Finance Ministry has announced that after the murder of journalist Khashkuji, the German government has completely stopped selling weapons to Saudi Arabia.

It is noteworthy that after entering the embassy of Saudi Arabian located in Istanbul city on 2th of last month on October 2, senior journalist Jamal Khashkuji was missing and then he did not come out of the Saudi embassy whose news was in the whole world Was spread Meanwhile, a heartbreaking notice came out of the Saudi embassy, ​​and it came out that senior Saudi journalist, who criticized Ayal regime, was killed in a very ruthless manner. Officials of Turkey say that pieces of khasukjee were sliced ​​into pieces in such a situation that when they were alive and after that, their body was burned after adding acids.

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