Russia’s S-400 missile defense system, Russia is worried about its hands, Pentagon

Russia’s S-400 missile defense system, Russia is worried about its hands, Pentagon
21 Nov

Russia has created a S-400 missile defense system and has created deep concern for the US arms industry and the American government.

S-400 is such a defense system that modern combat aircraft also do not escape it and it has the ability to destroy and destroy multiple targets at the same time.

Russia gave the S-300 missile defense system to Syria to curb Israel after the incident of its plane collapsing during the Israeli strike near the Lebanese territory of Laazekia. After this no Israeli warplanes are able to dare to enter the Syrian air border. Israeli officials had threatened that they would continue to attack Syria in Syria even after the S-300 system was found, but some Israeli officials themselves admitted in their statement that since Syria has received the S-300 missile system No Israeli warplanes have attacked in Syria.

The utility of the Russian Missile Shield System has been proven, while on the other hand the US Patriot missile defense system has completely failed the Yemeni missiles in Saudi Arabia. In response to the indiscriminate bombing of Saudi Arabia on Yemen, Yemen’s army and voluntary forces attacked missile and drone aircraft on military bases within Saudi Arabia and Amarna. Patriot missiles proved to be completely unsuccessful in preventing missiles fired by the Yemeni army. To intercept a missile, seven to ten missiles were fired and still the invading missile could not be stopped successfully.

After the failure of the Patriot missile system, the USA’s component countries started demanding the Thad Missile Defence System from the United States but the USA has not yet provided the Thad System to any country. He has established this system in South Korea but it has not given it to South Korea.

In these circumstances, Russia’s missile shield system S-400 has become very attractive to many countries and this has increased the concern of the United States. The US News Channel CNBC said in its report that Russia’s S-400 system is more useful and effective than the Thad system of the United States, while its cost is also very cost effective. In this report, the Pentagon officials have been told that the price of a set of S-400 is $ 500 million, while one set of Patriot missile is $ 1 billion and a set of Thad system is $ 3 billion. This is the reason why China, India and Turkey have entered into a deal to purchase the S-400 missile defense system from Russia, while 13 countries including Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Algeria, Morocco, Egypt, Iraq and Vietnam also have to buy Russian Missile Defence System Have expressed their desire and these countries are not afraid of US threats and sanctions, which speaks of putting in S-400 systems to countries that buy it.

The situation has become so serious that US war minister James Matisse is talking to the Congress that the way Turkey is prevented from buying the S-400 missile shield system, and it is necessary that the US should keep attractive proposals in front of Turkey. Ankara government changed the intention to buy S-400 from Russia.

Turkey is being prepared for the need to get its missile defense system from the USA and change the intent to buy the S-400 system from Russia. At the same time, Turkey is threatened that if it does not listen to America, it will have a devastating impact on the relations between the two countries.

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