The base of the US strategy shifted in the Middle East, the ceasefire in Yemen and the ruler of Qatar, whether Saudi change will be in foreign policy.

The base of the US strategy shifted in the Middle East, the ceasefire in Yemen and the ruler of Qatar, whether Saudi change will be in foreign policy.
21 Nov

The biggest benefit of the situation after the ruthless assassination of Saudi Arabian journalist Jamal Khasukhizi and subsequent abduction of his dead body was found in Turkey and Iran, while the biggest loss was to Saudi Arabia and the American government, who gave Muhammad bin Salman Keeping in the center, its Middle East strategy was prepared because the needle of suspicion in this heinous crime has stopped at Salman.

The main target of America’s strategy was Iran, Iran pursued a policy of silence throughout the whole episode, even some Saudi authors and commentators liked the policy of Iran too.

The case of the murder of Jamal Khushiqi was exposed when the Trump administration was trying to make Sunni Arab soldiers alliance, in which Saudi Arabia had a central role. In addition to the six billion countries of Fars Bay, Jordan and Egypt were also involved. But now it seems that the plan has died in the beginning.

Saudi Arabia has reached such a critical position at both regional and international levels this time that it has never been in the same situation before. Saudi Arabia accepted the demand to stop the Yemen war immediately and agreed to start a political process in Yemen, although in the situation before Khushkuji’s assassination, Saudi Arabia never accepted this demand like this.

In addition to stopping the Yemen war, it is also possible that under pressure from the United States, Saudi Arabia also forced the closure of Qatar, which Saudi Arabia considers itself to be a major enemy of Iran. We think that Oman could potentially retreat from the foot of the meeting of the Pope’s Gulf Cooperation Council meeting in the United States and give the opportunity for this hostage to Saudi Arabia. On the other hand, Qatar’s ruler Shaikh Ta’im bin bin Hamd al-Zaani has received an invitation from Saudi Arabia and he has said that he will go to participate in the summit. Sources also get the information that Kuwait’s mediation has renewed again.

Saudi Arabia has become very weak by failing in all cases such as Khushiqaji murder case, Yemen war, blockade of Qatar and curb on the growing influence of Iran. In this situation, he is not fit to lead Sunni Arab Nato, nor is it just a matter of preventing Iran’s growing penetration in the area.

On the other hand, the Iranians have faced a great deal of political and economic strikes on behalf of the United States and Israel. Now it seems that China, Russia, India, Turkey, North Korea and Europe are close to Iran at this time. Iran has also achieved success in uniting all the factions within the country to counter the US sanctions.

Iran’s oil is reaching full independence in the markets of China, India, Turkey, Japan and Europe. OPEC is planning to reduce the production of oil by 5 million barrels. This is exactly the opposite of America’s plan, which was in the endeavor to keep the prices of oil below so that there is no blockage in the development of the economy of the United States and other Western countries.

Another crisis is also in front of Saudi Arabia, but this is not being discussed. This crisis is with the strategic alliance of the Riyaz government in the Yemen war. Trusted Arab sources have told us that the crisis has increased in recent weeks. It is felt in the United Arab Emirates that he has been trapped in two tragedies, which has created a problem for his integrity and is being defamed internationally and at the same time he has to face heavy financial loss. There is a Yemeni war in these two crises and the other is the killing of Khushijji. In the special murder case, Turkey has begun to leak important information against Amarnath. Turkey has leaked the information that Mohammed Dahlan, adviser to Crown Prince Muhammad bin Zayed of Abu Dhabi, is also involved in this episode, who sent his experts to Turkey via Beirut to remove evidence in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul. This information has been published in Turkish Yuni Shafq newspaper, which is considered very close to Turk President Rajab Tayab Ardogan. All the facts that Turks have leaked in this matter have proved to be all right.

The American newspaper New York Times, which is perhaps seen in the history, with its opponent Washington Post standing for the first time against Saudi Arabia, has written in an article that Saudi Arabia has now become a very dangerous country in the eyes of Arab nations. The media of some Arab countries has now begun to demand that Muslims boycott Hajj.

We are convinced that news of Jamal Khushiqi murder case and its political and promotional results is not going to get away from media headlines. We also believe that the horrific attacks against Turkey on behalf of the government trolley on social media in Saudi Arabia and the tourists being prevented from going to Turkey is a failed attempt. It would be advisable that Saudi Arabia reconsider its entire policy at a higher level, due to which it has reached this condition. Beginning with the most terrible crime of the century, ie murder of Khashukhji, and Yemen War, Deal of the Century, the detention of Lebanese Prime Minister, Intelligence From Israel, In every case, pay attention to the rajahana and desire of the common Arabs. There is no shortage of experts in Saudi Arabia who can make meaningful help in the context of rethought. To these celebrities

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