Iran asked Iraq to place gas in the Euro instead of the diner

Iran asked Iraq to place gas in the Euro instead of the diner
22 Nov

Iran has demanded to make a gas payment from Iraq instead of dinar.

Iran’s petroleum secretary, Amir Hussain Zamania, dismisses the possibility of paying gas to Iran in Dinar, saying that Iraq will pay the imported gas from Iran into the euro.

According to ISNA, Petroleum Secretary Amir Hussain Zamania said: “Iran’s national gas company, Iraq, will not be ready to pay for export of gas in the denomination, because the deal has been talked about in the euro.”

This statement came in response to a statement by Iranian envoy Iraj Masjidi in Baghdad, in which Iraj Masjid told the news agency Fars that Tehran-Baghdad is considering using Iraqi dinars instead of US dollars in mutual transactions. .

Iran exports natural gas to Iraq in large quantities, which it uses to produce electricity. The violent demonstration during the summer of this year’s summer summer in Iraq’s southern city Basra broke out when the export of electricity was partially stopped by Iran.

Last June, Iran’s supply of 70 lakh cubic meters of gas per day to Iran was to be reached, which according to the agreement is to reach 3 million 50 million cubic meters per day.

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