35 years later, Israel confessed its crime.

35 years later, Israel confessed its crime.
24 Nov

Israel has successfully completed one of its crimes after 35 years.

The Zionist regime officially acknowledged the crime 35 years later that in 1982, it dipped the boat near the coast of northern Lebanon, where 56 Lebanese refugees were on their way to Cyprus. 25 people were killed in this crime.

According to Irana, the website “Arab 28”, informing the incident of Zioni TV channel-10 on Friday, said that Zioni Army had named the attack of 1982 as a driving force and till now it remained behind its responsibility. The officials of Tel Aviv also avoided making any comment about the details of the incident.

According to this report, commander of Xioni submarine had asked to present justification for firing on the Lebanese yacht that I thought that the boat was a Palestinian force personnel who was going from Lebanon.

The incident was examined for 3 years at the time, but despite this, Xyouni officials have not yet convinced that the culprits responsible for this crime were punished, but according to their claims, commanders of the submarine had executed the order.

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