Iran: We are ready to help Saudi Arabia like Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Yemen

Iran: We are ready to help Saudi Arabia like Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Yemen
25 Nov

The 32nd Integration Conference in Tehran was inaugurated by President Dr. Hassan Rouhani. While delivering the inaugural address of the conference, Dr. Pughambrera Islam and his grandson Hajrat Imam Jafar greeted the auspicious Birthday of Sadiq Alaisalam, saying that this grand conference will be called by the name of Pagmbere Islam and to abstain from them and promise to follow their path. is.

Dr. Ruhani said that it is true that Pagambare Islam brought the message of brotherhood to Muslims, but with that he told the world how to live with peace, Islam is a religion that respects all religions and all human values.

President Rouhani said that today we have the pride of the Muslims that we follow the etiquette of pagambare Islam and great teachings.

President Rouhani said that the situation of our region is very difficult today, from the Palestine to Libya, Syria, Yemen, even Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq, the circumstances which are not according to the expectations of Islamic society.

Dr. Rouhani, while analyzing the structure of the United Nations, said that this institution was formed on the foundation of power after the second world war, after which there is greater emphasis on the importance of vote and desire, which has more military power than others. Veto’s right is achieved. Dr. Rouhani said that the five countries that had nuclear power at that time got the right of the veto. Do the countries of the world agree with this situation?
Dr. Rouhani said that the second world war in our region is another cancellation called Israel, it has been granted that the West did not trust the countries of our territory and neither did it have the West on the petty governments present in this area There was no confidence because the Western governments formed this area in such a way that they fully obeyed.

President Rouhani said that the United States and the United Kingdom first assured the veto power for the United Nations and after that the forged government declared the formation of Israel.

President Rouhani said that we have two ways to counter the intent of Muslims in the west and in particular the United States, or they should leave Islam and Pygmers follow Islam and bow their heads in front of the West or atrocities with their full force Get in touch with
President Rouhani, citing the resistance of the people of Iran, said that we have fought for forty years alone and won the victory for the people of Iran alone.

President Rouhani said that today the Islamic world is alone and we want Muslims to help each other, trusting external forces is a big mistake.

President Rouhani, citing Saudi Arabia’s $ 450 billion deal with the USA, said that he gave a gift of 450 billion dollars so that you can save yourself $ 110 billion worth of weapons so that your security can be ensured but you were told that you There is a milking cow and we will continue to milk you. You were told that if we are, you will not be able to stay in power for two weeks, do not tolerate such insult.

President Rouhani said that why do you need America to give its resources, we are ready to protect the interest of the people of Saudi Arabia against the big powers.
President Rouhani said that we do not want 450 billion dollars and we will not insult you as we will also help the people of Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and Yemen immediately protect the interests of the people of Saudi Arabia.

Dr. Ruhani said that we consider you your brother and maize and people of Medina as your brother. There is no need to fear Iran or fear of Islam.

President Hassan Rouhani said that if Shia Sunni is united, then conquest of the United States and Israel is certain.

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