Why is Iran, with Yemenese citizens?

Why is Iran, with Yemenese citizens?
26 Nov

Iranian Foreign Minister Muhammad Javad Zarif has expressed his sympathy with the common citizens of Yemen on the occasion of the unprecedented bombing of the southwestern province of Iran, the Andamic region of Khuzistan.

External Affairs Minister Muhammad Javad Zarif wrote on Sunday on the occasion of the bombing of Iran’s Andy Mink region in his tweet that on this day Iraqi warplanes, who had prepared the Iraqi dictator Saddam with the help of 75 billion dollars in Saudi Arabia, Bombings on the city of Andimascus for 45 minutes

Mr. Javad Zarif said that it was the longest bombardment since the second world in which more than a thousand people were martyred and injured.

The External Affairs Minister stressed that this is also one of the reasons that Iran expresses sympathy with the civilians killed in the Saudi coalition.

Be aware that during the war against Iran on November 25, 1986, Iraqi warplanes had bombarded the city of Andimascus.

In this bombing operation, 54 war planes of Iraq have rained about an hour and 45 minutes to the people of the city of Andimascus.

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