Syrian bomb attacks on Syria, 14 civilian casualties

Syrian bomb attacks on Syria, 14 civilian casualties
26 Nov

US coalition warplanes bombarded a village in the eastern city of Daryzzur, in which at least 14 civilians were killed.

According to a report by the Fars News Agency, the fighters of the so-called coalition of US led by the Bomberi on Sunday evening shafa village in eastern Darjezur province.

Earlier on Saturday, the so-called international alliance, led by American leadership, had bombed Hajin in the area of ​​Suk in Daryzzur province of eastern Syria, in which at least 20 civilians were killed.

The Syrian government news agency Sanaa had reported that the US coalition bombed the residential areas of the Hajin city of Albukhlal Tehsil.

It was reported in the reports that the dead included 9 children and eight women.

Earlier on Friday night, US coalition warplanes bombarded Shafa area of ​​the city of Darijzur, in which 11 civilians were casualties and ten others injured.

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