Soon on the journey of Arab countries: Benimin Netanyahu

Soon on the journey of Arab countries: Benimin Netanyahu
27 Nov

Benimin Netanyahu has announced that he will soon be going on a journey to the Arab countries.

Prime Minister of Zioni Government said this in a press conference. Netanyahu has also said in Betul Muqaddas, the meeting with Chad’s President “Idris Debi” that Israel is now planning to reach Central Africa. He said that we would go there. Nevertheless, Netanyahu had said in the Israeli Parliament Kennet that Israel and the Arab countries have been closer to the present time than any other time.

It is notable that Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu had visited Oman at the end of October, which was strongly opposed by Islamic countries and Resistors. Relations with Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have been stronger during recent months. The process of expansion of relations with the illegal Zionist regime from some Arab countries continues in such a situation that when this regime continues to suppress the Palestinians, and it has abated some Arab areas.

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