Russia’s double attitude to Ukraine in Ukraine collision

Russia’s double attitude to Ukraine in Ukraine collision
28 Nov

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine in the Azov Sagar and the consequence of reaching the peak between the two countries is due to the double reaction of Europe.

Germany’s Foreign Minister Haiko Mass said that France and Germany have mediated between Russia and Ukraine to resolve this dispute. They said that we want that the current conflict does not take the form of a serious crisis, so there has been a meeting of officials of the Foreign Ministry of four countries.

European countries intervened in Ukraine crisis since 2014, and in this country they want to see West supporters’ government. Since the merger of Crimea in Russia and the internal dispute in Eastern Ukraine, Europe has supported KEF. In this context, Europe has banned Russia in the same context with the United States and increasing the deadline for these restrictions every year.

Even in recent tensions, Europe is supporting Kif, but at the same time, her desire is to continue the conflict but not to reduce stress. EU foreign policy commissioner Federica Mogrini has demanded from Russia to immediately release the ships and crew of Ukraine. Russia has taken three boats and 23 sailors of Ukraine into custody in the Azov Sea.

Europe has a good impression that if the tensions rise and war broke out then what would be the result and Europe did not want this outcome. Europe has seen the result of the war between Russia and Georgia in 2008. In this war, Georgia was divided. The British government has candidly supported KEF in this case and has held Russia responsible for the current situation. UK Foreign Minister Jeremy Hunt said that Russia is trying to ignore the world order. The UK stand is fully coordinated with the United States. The United States wants Europe to adopt a tough stance in Russia, but Europe knows that there will be negative consequences for adopting a harsh approach.

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