CBI vs CBI: hearing again after noon – debate in Supreme Court on Alok Verma’s removal

CBI vs CBI: hearing again after noon – debate in Supreme Court on Alok Verma’s removal
29 Nov

New Delhi: The hearing in the Supreme Court is being heard on the ongoing battle in the country’s largest investigative agency. After the lunch break the court hearing has started once. Senior advocate Kapil Sibal, appearing for Mallikarjun Kharge, has said that the CVC can monitor the bus check and not recommend anyone sending it on leave. Recently, the Center sent Alok Verma on leave, considering the recommendation of the CVC, which was illegal.
On this matter of Sibal, the Supreme Court asked him, do you want to say that no decision can be taken about the CBI director for the permission of the committee without exception?
Earlier, during the hearing in this case, Justice M Joseph asked Fali Nariman, if the CBI director is caught in the hands of taking a bribe, then even before removing it, he will have to ask the committee. CBI director Alok Verma has challenged the decision to send on leave in the Supreme Court. Common Cause has also filed a petition in this regard.
During the hearing today, Dushyant Dave, a lawyer of Common Cause, wanted to keep Nageshwar Rao’s appointment and plea on his decisions. The court on which the court said, now give arguments on the original issue. Talk about what Fali Nariman has said. Earlier Nariman said that the CBI Director has a fixed term of two years. Transfer can not be done before that. But the information was sent to the Director on leave without informing the panel. The purpose was to prevent them from working.

He said that the government or CVC can not send the director on leave like this. He should have got the approval from the committee that appointed the director. On which Justice Joseph asked, “If the CBI director gets caught accepting a bribe, then even before removing it, will the committee have to ask?”
Today Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi, the bench of Justice Sanjay Kishan Kaul and Justice KM Joseph can consider the response given in the sealed closed envelope of Alok Verma. So far, Alok Verma was sent on leave for hearing. The Central Vigilance Commission had given its report after initial scrutiny of Verma and Verma responded on this.
The back was to be considered only on November 20 in response to the court’s order handed over to the court in the sealed envelope by Alok Verma. But the conclusion of the CVC’s findings against him allegedly being leaked to the media and the allegation leveled by the Inspector-General of Police, Manish Kumar Sinha, in a separate application, was heard in the media, the court expressed strong displeasure and adjourned the hearing.
The report of the investigating agency’s acting director, M Nageshwar Rao, is also likely to be considered by the bench. Nageshwar Rao has filed a report in the sealed envelope about decisions taken by him during the 23-26 October.
Apart from this, the bench can also hear the PIL on the request of independent inquiry against the investigating agency officials in the Supreme Court’s supervision. The NGO Common Cause has filed this petition.
The court had clarified on November 20 that he would not listen to any party and it would remain limited to the issues raised by him. On the CVC’s findings, Alok Verma’s confidential reply was allegedly leaked, the court had said that it wanted to keep the agency’s reply confidential for keeping the dignity of the investigation agency confidential.
Deputy Inspector General Sinha had accused the National Security Advisor Ajit Doval, Union Minister Haribhai P Chaudhary, CVC KV Choudhary in his application on November 19 and also tried to intervene in the investigation against CBI’s Special Director Rakesh Asthana.

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