Yemen took the missile from the Soviet Union, not Iran

Yemen took the missile from the Soviet Union, not Iran
29 Nov

Yemen’s Foreign Minister Hisham Sharif Abdullah has dismissed the baseless claims of America saying that his country has not got weapons from Iran.

External Affairs Minister Sharif Abdullah of the National Liberation of Yemen said that the American claim that it is a lie is that Iran has supplied missiles to Yemen, but the missiles which have been received by Yemen have been received years before the Soviet Union.

According to the report received on Thursday, Yemeni Foreign Minister spoke to CNN and said that former US Representative in the United Nations, Haley had claimed that Iran is making itself in Yemen and supplying missiles to it, Although this claim was absolutely false, so that Sunya has been with the missile for years which were taken from the Soviet Union and by upgrading these missiles, Yemen Is used to Rsha.

He said, Iran has not given a single missile to Yemen, while Suna has so many missiles which can be fought against the Saudi regime for years.

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