Gas agreement with Zioni regime is not valid: Jordanian MP

Gas agreement with Zioni regime is not valid: Jordanian MP
01 Dec

A Jordanian MP has said that the gas agreement of his country is not valid with the Zionist regime.

Saleh Alairamuti has clarified that Jordan’s gas agreement with Zaynony’s regime is not acceptable to the people of Jordan. He said that every agreement which does not pass the parliament of the country is not illegal.

This Jordanian MP said that the situation of the gas agreement with Zioni rule is just as it was about extradition of criminals between Jordan and USA. In 1995, there was an agreement between the United States and Jordan regarding the extradition of the criminals, but the Jordanian Parliament did not pass it. According to the Constitution of Jordan, every agreement that can not be accepted in the two houses of the country’s parliament, can not be eligible to apply.

Be aware that Jordan’s Energy Company had entered into an agreement with the Zionist regime for importing liquid gas in 2016. This agreement has to be implemented from 2019. For several months this agreement is awaiting approval in the Jordanian parliament.

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