Demand for Bin Salman’s arrest from the Argentine government

Demand for Bin Salman’s arrest from the Argentine government
02 Dec

Hundreds of U.S. citizens have demanded the arrest of Saudi Yuvraj Bin Salman, who was attending the G20 Summit after performing in front of the Argentine Embassy in Washington.

Aljazeera TV reported that the roads leading to the Embassy of Argentina in Washington were full of protesters against Bin Salman. Thousands of gathered protesters were demanding from the Argentine government that they arrested Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman for the murder of the Yamini civilians and Khashukhji. Protesters raised slogans against Bin Salman and also handed over a memorandum to the Argentine government.


American citizens performing in front of the Argentinean embassy condemned the efforts of Donald Trump to save bin Salman in stern words and also slogans against Trump. Remember that US President Donald Trump has stopped the CIA chief Gina Haaspel from giving statements before the Senate regarding the murder of senior Saudi journalist Jamal Khashukhji.


Meanwhile, US President Donald Trump has claimed that the CIA and other intelligence organizations do not have the ability to prove the role of Saudi Arabia in the Holocaust assassination. On the other hand, according to American media reports, the CIA has come to the conclusion that Saudi Mahmoud Mohammad bin Salman had personally ordered the assassination of Jahel Khashukhji, the anti-Saudi journalist.


It is worth noting that many international human rights organizations, including human rights organization Amnesty International, have demanded from the leaders of the G-20 member countries to put pressure on bin Salman to stop human rights violations inside and outside Saudi Arabia. Earlier, Human Rights Watch had also demanded the Argentine government arrest and prosecute the Saudi warrior Mohammad bin Salman, who was involved in the massacre and murder of Khashukhji in Yemen.

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