Emergency announcement can be done at any time in France!

Emergency announcement can be done at any time in France!
03 Dec

Protests against rising fuel prices in France are now fierce, and at this time France is full of fiery demonstrations in the fire.

According to the report, the ongoing mass movement on the rising prices of petroleum in France has become fierce. The French government is considering imposing emergency in order to prevent growing violent demonstrations in the country. France government spokesman Benjamin Grito said while talking to the media that the government could take this step to restore peace in the country and to interact with protesters.

According to the information received, a group of demonstrators damaged many vehicles in Paris, inflicted heavy damage to many houses, and fiercely attacked at different places, due to which the situation in Paris has become quite stressful. In view of the fierce protests that took place in France in the last two weeks, the French government has given strict instructions to local authorities to prevent such incidents.
Meanwhile, the European media has reported that French President Immanuel Macron can call emergency meetings with Prime Ministers and Cabinet Ministers for discussions on imposing Emergency to deal with fierce protests in the country. French President Amniel Macron on Saturday called those who displayed his government against anarchic element and warned that he would not tolerate violence in any situation.
It is worth noting that people protesting against the increase in fuel prices in the pre-planned scheme have come to fierce protests since Friday. A large number of people in Paris are wearing yellow coats worn in an emergency and are performing.

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