Bulandshahr Violence: Bajrang Dal-VHP and BJYM activists made accused in the murder case of Inspector

Bulandshahr Violence: Bajrang Dal-VHP and BJYM activists made accused in the murder case of Inspector
04 Dec

Bulandshahr: Nominated report has been registered against 27 people in connection with the murder of Inspector Subodh during the violence in Bulandshahr. The name of Bajrang Dal district convener Yogesh Raj is the first name in it. The second name is Shikhar Aggarwal, the city president of BJP’s Yuva Moro Sayna, along with VHP activist Upendra Raghav has also been nominated. Apart from this, the case has been filed against 60 others.
Let us know that the remains of Chingravati cattle were found in Bulandshahr, whose information was given to Insna’s inspector. Subsequently Inspector Subodh Kumar had reached the spot with the police force. In the meantime, the fierce crowd killed him.
Before the murder of Subodh Kumar Singh, some people complained that Gokshi had alleged that the cow was cut off in the forests of Mahav village, in which case the complainants had filed a registered FIR, the police had registered an FIR. Despite this, the crowd attacked the police between about 1 to 1.30 on Monday. Yogesh Raj, who recorded Gokshi’s FIR, has been made the accused in the case of violence and murder of inspector. Which is being considered as the convenor of the Bulandshahr Bajrang Dal.
In the Bulandshahr violence case, the police has registered two FIRs. An FIR has been filed with the alleged assassination of Govans and other violence. Police have named 27 people in FIR and eight others have been told to be unknown. All the accused are from the Shyana area of ​​Bulandshahr.
With the death of Inspector Subodh Kumar, there is a scar in his native village Targanga. In the house of Subodh, there is a crowd of people who give consolation and talk about their bravery on the tongue of the people. Inspector Subodh Dadri was also the investigating officer of the multi-tasked Akhilak massacre.

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