We got out of your queue with a big bang ….

We got out of your queue with a big bang ….
04 Dec

Bin Salman’s Press Conference was canceled in view of demonstrations against Saudi Crown Prince’s Algeria tour

Bin Salman had arrived in Algeria on Sunday night between public protests and protests where his meeting was arranged with reporters. Managers canceled interviews with bin Salman’s journalists in view of public demonstrations and protests and gave instructions to journalists for business conference coverage.

Al Jazeera’s 17 big journalists and experts, in their joint statement, protested against Saudi Crown Prince’s visit to Algeria, it was provocative for Algerian citizens.

Before that, the press conference of bin Salman was also canceled in Tunisia due to the screaming of journalists and intriguing questions. There have been extensive demonstrations against the visit of Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman in Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Mauritania and Algeria for several days.

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